My First Woodward Dream Cruise!

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My First Woodward Dream Cruise!

Woodward Dream Cruise 2013 - Miss Holly Hock

Being a huge classic car fan, I was really excited to experience my very first Woodward Dream Cruise this year! I was overwhelmed (in the best way) by the sheer amount of cars, vendors and people that went on for miles upon miles. I walked up and down Woodward for hours and only saw a tiny fraction of the cars and attractions. It was great getting to meet people (and lots of adorable pooches) and being able to check out all of the amazing cars!


At Woodward Dream Cruise, I saw rare cars I have never had a chance to see before, the classics I know and love and some really strange, wacky cars including a car covered in toys and one covered in circuit boards!  I now know what all the fuss is about because it was a blast. I only wish I had more time to see everything and experience what every single city on Woodward had to offer! I am really looking forward to next year when I think I will plan to have more time to spend there and… maybe no heels! ;)

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