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Atomic Cafe: An HCAA Pop-up Gallery

Atomic Cafe

Atomic Cafe
A new pop-up art gallery, called Atomic Cafe will be kicking off a summer full of art with their opening weekend July 4-6. Atomic Cafe is located in the heart of downtown Hamtramck at 10326 Jos. Campau, just south of Caniff.

Atomic Cafe, presented by the Hamtramck Contemporary Arts Alliance, will host a variety of unique events in the month of July, including a cosplay / costume evening, table tennis tournaments, movie nights, and even a pool party with special pin-up guests. Each weekend, Atomic Cafe aims to bring art buyers and art makers together through these events.

Hamtramck Contemporary Arts Alliance (HCAA) was founded by Glen Allen, Mike Kelly, Hilary MacGilvray, Luke MacGilvray, and Joseph Smedo. Each member of HCAA will be exhibiting his or her own work, as well as curating the work of selected guest artists, during the month.

Guest Artists Include:
Lauren Romanowski
Gwen Joy
Mary Cotter
Robert Bielat
Tim Péwé
Holly Hock
Tyler Osgood

“Our mission is to bring new arts experiences to the city of Hamtramck and to provide a space for the diverse artists, musicians, and other interesting people of Hamtramck to meet.” – HCAA

Be sure to also check out the wonderful collection of art donated by a variety of local artists to benefit the Hamtramck Fire Dept. These pieces are available for immediate cash & carry and go to a great cause!

Atomic Cafe is a unique pop-up gallery with a very diverse collection of incredible art. I am honored and excited to have eight of my pieces exhibited at the Atomic Cafe. Each piece is a one of a kind assemblage of modern, vintage and antique items that I have hand chosen and collected over the years. All eight pieces will be in the gallery for the duration of the pop-up gallery so stop by and see them in person!

I will also be hosting the CoS^2 Costume/Cosplay Event on Saturday, July 12. Come dressed in your favorite costume and join us for an evening of art, music, food, costume contests and much more! Check out my events page for more info. Hope to see you there!
Burlesque Photography - Raven

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