Burlesque Courses

Burlesque 101

Burlesque 101 courses are offered for new students wanting an overview of burlesque, building confidence, and the practical performance aspects of the art. These courses are great for women to dip their toes in the burlesque water.

The full 9-week burlesque 101 (beginner) course is offered for students wishing to dive deep into burlesque. The full course covers everything from basic movements to advanced choreography, poise, makeup, costuming, and props. This course is perfect for those wanting to begin performing on-stage.

This wish will be granted in the 9th week, where course graduates will be featured in a burlesque student showcase – a full-blown performance where graduates will show what they learned in the course!

Boylesque 101
The Detroit School of Burlesque offers burlesque for men! Future boylesque performers your requests have been heard! If you are looking to join the incredible Detroit burlesque community, this is where you start!

Multi-award winning burlesque performer, producer, theatrical director, and actor Magenta DeMure will coach you through an 8-week course to lay the foundation to be a confident burlesque performer.

From this comprehensive class, you will learn everything from how to pick a stage name, routine construction, stage presence, and basic business fundamentals to get started as the boylesque performer you have always wanted to be. Along with your education experience, you will receive professional headshots, a certificate of completion, and the opportunity to perform in the Student Showcase at Ant Hall Theater in Hamtramck. (Participation in the Student Showcase is completely optional!)

No prior dance or stage experience necessary. If you are searching for a dance class only, the Detroit School of Burlesque offers other classes with the instructors that focus strictly on dance.

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