Belly Dance Classes

The Detroit School of Burlesque offers multiple Bellydance classes in Ferndale, Michigan. Our studio features multiple non-burlesque classes designed to stimulate your body and mind. Read below for brief descriptions of current classes and see schedules at the bottom of the page.

Beginner Belly Dance Classes

This 8-week belly dance beginner course is rooted in the Salimpour belly dance format, following the same nomenclature, technique and class structure. Class content covers a rigorous warm up, posture & alignment, basic isolation, strength training, belly dance history and etiquette. Seated, standing and traveling drills will leave you with a full body workout buzzing from head to toe; feeling accomplished, inspired, and craving more. Additionally you will learn basic Arabic Rhythms & how to play finger cymbals.

If you want to sweat, challenge your body & brain, build strength, muscle memory, stamina, flexibility, or just want to gain more control/knowledge of your pre-existing belly dance technique, you will not be disappointed after diving into this class! This course will benefit ALL skill levels! Bring a Yoga mat, Finger Cymbals, and Water!

  • Learn to play finger cymbals
  • Posture, alignment, and body mechanics
  • Build stamina and muscle memory
  • Learn Basic Rhythms/Learn Finger Cymbals
  • History lectures and Bellydance etiquette 
  • All skill levels welcome
Belly dance classes michigan ferndale near me

Instructor Heather Marie

Belly Dance Shake Rattle & Roll

Hold on to your pants! This Drum Solo is designed for beginners, but beware, it’s not for the faintest of hearts! You will work your buns off!

We will Shake, we will Rattle and we will Roll! This high energetic choreography will excite and leave any audience member on the edge of their seat, all while leaving you buzzing with accomplishment, feeling sexy, powerful, and in control! By diving into the art of a Drum Solo & the NEED for clean technical ability, your skill level will skyrocket as we drill each week!

Join the fun and begin to learn another layer of the art of bellydance through this dynamic and enchanting choreography. (All skill levels welcome, but Beginner Belly Dance class is highly recommended!)

Beginner Belly Dance Schedule

Mondays 6:30pm – 8pm

9/10 – 10/29

Full 8-Week Course

Shake, Rattle, and Roll Schedule

Mondays 8pm – 9pm

9/10 – 10/29

Full 8-Week Course

Single Class drop-ins also available for $25

Note: purchase price is for a full 8-week course and do not roll over. The course will begin again in November with the same topics but different content!