Detroit Burlesque Dancer Miss Holly Hock

Miss Holly Hock is a pin-up girl and burlesque dancer from Detroit, Michigan. She currently models and performs across the country.

Burlesque Performances

Previous to her career as a Detroit burlesque girl, Holly designed jewelry, hair accessories and apparel for her Etsy shop. Holly further refined her eye for the style would eventually become an important part of her performances.

Holly began performing the art of burlesque in Indianapolis as a member of the troupe Crème de les Femmes. Along with other local talents, Holly quickly set herself apart as a dancer with over-the-top glamour. She still performs regularly with Crème and is an active member of the Indy burlesque community.

In 2012, Miss Holly Hock moved to Detroit, Michigan to pursue Burlesque. Since then, she has been featured along side the world’s top Burlesque performers at internationally recognized events like the Dirty Show Erotic Art Exhibition, the Burlypicks, and the Great Southern Exposure, among others. She continues to pursue pin-up, burlesque in Detroit and Indy, and art.

May 2015

Hopcat Huma Room
4265 Woodward Ave, Detroit , MI

Tangent Gallery
715 E Milwaukee St, Detroit, MI

Apr 2015

Athenaeum Theatre
401 East Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN