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Detroit Burlesque Classes - Detroit School of Burlesque

After many years of performing, Holly founded the Detroit School of Burlesque, the first burlesque school in Detroit to teach the art of the striptease. The school empowers everyone to give themselves permission to be sexy, whether that be in the bedroom or on the stage.

Burlesque classes focus on body-positive workshops.

All women are encouraged to join classes regardless of age, body type, ethnicity, or occupation.
Burlesque 101

Burlesque 101 courses are offered for new students wanting an overview of burlesque, building confidence, and the practical performance aspects of the art. These courses are great for women to dip their toes in the burlesque water.

9-Week Burlesque Course

The full 9-week burlesque course is offered for students wishing to dive deep into burlesque. The full course covers everything from basic movements to advanced choreography, poise, makeup & costuming, and props. This course is perfect for those wanting to begin performing on-stage.

This wish will be granted in the 9th week, where course graduates will be featured in a burlesque student showcase – a full-blown performance where graduates will show what they learned in the course!

Special Burlesque Classes

The Detroit School of Burlesque offers special burlesque classes periodically. These classes feature guest instructors providing a highly-targeted curriculum. There are no prerequisites; classes span topics for beginners and advanced students alike.

Courses are offered periodically through the year. This page will be updated to include the schedule of all classes (101, full 9-week courses, and special courses).

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Burlympics Performance - Miss Holly Hock

Upcoming Burlesque Classes

5/11 Detroit School of Burlesque Full Course
05-11-2017 Agora Arts, 646 E 9 Mile Ferndale, MI 48220

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