Theatre Bizarre: The Procession Recap!

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Theatre Bizarre: The Procession Recap!

Theatre Bizarre - The Procession

Theatre Bizarre - The Procession

Zombo the Clown and Holly HockThis year marked my second time attending Theatre Bizarre and my second experience was just as intense and wonderfully overwhelming as my first. If you’ve never attended it’s almost hard to put the experience in to words. Its like a dream world, it doesn’t even seem possible for such a world to exist and for such as short while. Theatre Bizarre spans over 7 floors of the Detroit Masonic Temple, each floor having something entirely different to experience. From suspension and side show acts, to the most elegant burlesque performances around…the creators of Theatre Bizarre managed to capture it all.

Though I enjoy the different experiences each floor has to offer both last year and this year I spent most of my time on floor 5 at the Dirty Devil’s Peepshow. Dimly lit hallways guide you to a room where the centerpiece is a giant devil face whose tongue is the stage for burlesque performers from around the world. And the show is hosted by none other that the Dirty Devil himself. The room was filled to the brim with people trying to catch a glimpse at the the amazing ladies and gentleman showcasing their talents.

Shortly after I entered the room a dapper gent named Russell Bruner took the stage and gave one of the best boylesque performances I’ve ever seen. While staying true to classic gentleman style he also had a few tricks up his sleeves and caught me by surprise a time or two. I actually ended up catching his act both on the Dirty Devil’s Peepshow stage as well as on the ballroom stage and was really glad I got a second chance to enjoy his act.

Elektra Cute gave a dark and super sultry performance dripping in pearls that I could watch again and again…and again.

Darlinda just Darlinda had the audience laughing and needing another drink (after she helped her self to theirs) and peeled and teased her way into everyones hearts.

Lola Martinet stunned the audience stepping out as Pinhead from Hellraiser and then stunned us all again when she turned the routine into a super fun balloon act using pins from her head to pop the balloons!

Kalani Kokonuts gave an seductive performance with a whole lot of tease…leaving everyone in the audience wanting so much more.

Sweet Lili Bee gave an amazing performance that started out sweet and left you feeling like you need a drink and a cigarette afterwards.

I was able to catch two different acts of Michelle L’amour, both equally elegant and breath-takingly glamorous. And she makes it all look so effortless!

I also had the pleasure of watching the stunning Weird Sisters perform an awe-inspiring aerial trio act with a creative and hilarious twist…they performed as bearded ladies!

And of course there was a stand out performance by Miss Roxi D’Lite…a funeral procession led by dozens of circus performers and the Detroit Party Marching band carried Zombo’s Coffin with Roxi on top through the ballroom and to the stage where Roxi performed joined by none other than the reanimated Zombo.

There were many other performers who I sadly did not catch because I was exploring other floors that graced the stage that night including, Lushes Lamoan, Bunny Buxom, Courtney Crave, DD Star, Dolly Berlin, Gigi LaFemme, Kay Sera, Legs Malone, Little Motown, Lou Lou and Tanya Cheex.

The outstanding performances, costumes and overall atmosphere make Theatre Bizarre a must attend event if you are in the Detroit Area. I cant wait to do it all again next year…and hopefully I will be taking the stage myself!

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