The Second Annual Spring Fling: Detroit Burlesque Festival

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The Second Annual Spring Fling: Detroit Burlesque Festival

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The birds are chirping, the skies are blue, the flowers are blooming…Spring is here! And what better way to welcome Spring than shimmying and peeling those stockings off? This past weekend was The Second Annual Spring Fling Detroit Burlesque Festival, it was an absolute blast and reminded me why I love Detroit so much.

The show was filled with performers from all over the country, Chicago to San Antonio. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and also meet so many new ones, its one of the many reasons I love doing festivals. It’s so exciting and inspiring to connect and reconnect with people who are as passionate about this art as I am. The house was packed and the energy was electric. I performed one of my all time favorite acts; a classic black and gold number (little makes me feel more glamorous than vintage velvet!) as well as my new flapper inspired peacock fan dance act. The crowd was phenomenal and were so much fun to perform for. (And to the gentleman was who yelled out the Jessica Rabbit comment, thank you!)

I unfortunately missed a few acts in-between my own but I did get to watch a large portion of the show and it was delightful. There was a really wonderful, eclectic variety of acts, you never knew what was coming next.

Miss Monet MaCabaret brought a perfect mix of sweet and sultry to the stage and wowed the audience with her tease and tricks. The stunning Lady Sirène dazzled in purple and brought the audience to their knees with her glamorous and elegant performance. The adorable Neilah West performed a beautiful fan dance to a really fantastic cover of Tainted Love. The lovely Bella La Blanc always bring beauty, strength and glamour to every routine and the two acts she performed at Spring Fling were no exception. Pretty Boy Rock made me laugh until my sides hurt with his hilarious comedy routine and is as funny off stage as he is on. I sadly was getting ready for my next act during his boylesque performance but I could hear the crowd going wild from the dressing room! Dee Luxxx gave one of my favorite performances she has done to date and brought her fierce style to the stage. This year there was a special addition to the festival, a King and Queen title. Pretty Boy Rock claimed the well deserved title of “Big Boy-lesquer 2014” and Jezabelle von Jane won the title of ” Spring Diva 2014″ with her sexy, commanding performance that included a wax show. The audience was also treated to performances by Bullet Bitch, Saxy Wildflower and Miss Kitty Coquette as well as the musical stylings of Michael Monford and Head Spinnaz International.

It was a beautiful, glamorous, fun filled evening with a wonderful group of people that I hope to see again very soon. Thanks to everyone who came out, you are why we do this!

Check my events page for many more upcoming events and performances. Happy Spring everyone!

Miss Holly Hock

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