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Detroit Erotica Ball Performer of the Year

Detroit Erotica Ball

Detroit Erotica Ball Award
Last night seems like a dream: I was standing among the crowd at the Detroit Erotica Ball listening to Satori Circus (whom I greatly admire) announce the nominees for the Performer of the Year Award and everything around me slowed down, became quiet. My heart was pounding. After what felt like the longest pause, I heard “And the winner is….Miss Holly Hock”. I continued to stand there, tears filling my eyes and had to shake myself back to reality to make it to the stage. My hands were shaking as I accepted the beautiful award with my name etched across it; I struggled to even find the words to explain the gratitude I felt in that moment. All of the sleepless nights planning and promoting shows, costuming until my fingers bled, rehearsing until I was exhausted and working to craft my performance art had brought me here. The fact that this award was based solely on the votes of the public and that people took the time to vote for me really meant a lot. Performing is one of my passions, I love to create the routines and the costumes. I love being on stage most of all; having an audience who enjoys, appreciates and supports my art is an incredible honor. I hope to entertain and inspire for many years to come.

Erotica Ball Award 2

Erotica Ball Award

Thank you to the Detroit Erotica Ball, Satori Circus and to each and every single person who voted. Your support and love are the reason I can continue to do what I am passionate about.


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