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Win A Lux Showgirl Prize Pack!

Many of my close friends and fans know that my grandmother has been struggling with some health issues lately. It has been an emotional rollercoaster and she has spent the past month in and out of the hospital. She is battling kidney failure and is currently on the waiting list for a donor kidney. Last month she had to go in for a full knee replacement or accept that she would spend the rest of her life in a wheel chair. She decided to go through with the surgery but for someone with diabetes and kidney failure surgery is an especially difficult thing to go through. Though the surgery went well they had trouble stabilizing her for more than a day and what was suppose to be one or two days in the hospital quickly spiraled into most of the month in the hospital.

This woman is the portrait of strength, she beat cancer about 10 years ago, has lived through more devastation and grief than many people I know and still has a kind and gentle spirit. (Not to mention she primarily raised me which was no easy task!) She and my grandfather are in their 70s and live on the meager amount that social security gives them. Though she would never ask for help,  my grandmother is concerned about the hospital bills that will start showing up shortly. I want to help lessen her burden in any small way I can so she can focus on getting strong and healthy.  She has no idea that I am doing this, I am going to surprise her with the cash and show her how everyone helped when I visit her on June 14th!

I decided to make and donate some items that will be raffled off, 100% of the money collected for the raffle will be donated to pay her medical bills.

1 White Lux Showgirl Turkey Feather Boa w/ Rhinestoned Tassels
1 Pair of Black Satin Gloves w/ Rhinestoned Lace Applique
1 White Rhinestoned Hair Flower w/ Peacock & Ostrich Feathers
1 Rhinestoned Lace Choker
3 Vintage Showgirl Burlesque Cards
Total Value over $200

Raffle tickets are
1 for $3
4 for $10
or 10 for $20

Raffle Tickets

Winner will be randomly selected and announced on on June 10th! No limit to how many tickets you can buy, 100% of the money raised will pay my grandmother’s (Charlene) medical bills. Please feel free to share with friends and thank you for helping this wonderful lady that I love so much!


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