Yin Yoga with Eva

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Yin Yoga with Eva

Date(s) - 11-28-2017

Detroit School of Burlesque
483 W Marshall St
Ferndale, MI

Yin Yoga is a more outwardly passive style of yoga that affects the connective tissues, which respond best to a slow, static pressure. The longer holding of these static sitting poses encourage the muscles around the connective tissue to let go and relax. The result is the creation of space between the joints, increasing flexibility, balance, and greater stability.

In Yin Yoga, we hold each pose for 30 seconds up to 10 minutes, and sometimes longer. Whereas in flow yoga, each breath is connected to a movement that takes us from one pose another, in Yin, our breath moves us deeper into our static pose and the tissues being worked on. It releases an incredible amount of tension and feels very much like a deep-tissue massage.

$15 for drop-ins, $75 for a package of 6

Nov 28
Dec 5, 19 (no class on the 12th for the first night of Hanukkah)
Jan 9, 16, 23

Instructor: Eva