Werk that Floor with Ms B LaRose!

Holly Hock / Werk that Floor with Ms B LaRose!

Werk that Floor with Ms B LaRose!

Date(s) - 04-29-2018

Detroit School of Burlesque
483 W Marshall St
Ferndale, MI

Ready to add on to the armory of sexy tricks? Basic floor work is something every performer needs. An introduction class dedicated to movement across the floor, floor transitions, adapting movements typically used in the club for burlesque, and transitions back up.The course is intended to make movements more confident, acts more dynamic, and adds a little more flare and erotic elements to the sexist acts. This class is sensual and brings in creative movement.

Wear comfortable, form-fitting clothing in which one can easily move, knee pads (highly, highly recommended), dance heels, & water bottle.

Known as The Glittering Goddess with a Heart of Gold, Ms. B LaRose is an international touring burlesque entertainer known to combine stylized dance with emotive sexual fluidity, bringing in a raw sultry, mischievous stage presence that has been captivating audiences worldwide.  These past years, she has been developing a unique artistic voice touring the U.S., U.K., &Europe, working with some of the top shows in the business. From electrifying improve acts to live basement band blues to polished, contemporary strip teases, Ms. B LaRose has grownto be a household name in some of the most celebrated venues
“I never felt so comfortable being myself until I had seen you dance” is one of the most
compelling compliments to receive off stage. Help unleash your prowess, build self
confidence, and emote to connect with the audience. Ms. B LaRose’s classes are intended to
help unleash the inner goddess, create a powerful presence, and be comfortable with movement. Classes work with sensual
movement and are part discussion. Ms. B LaRose is praised for being a motivator, great
listener, encourages students to have an open mind, and reli​​able mentor.  Bring heels and an open mind.