Tribal Belly Dance Skirt Work 12/11

Holly Hock / Tribal Belly Dance Skirt Work 12/11

Tribal Belly Dance Skirt Work 12/11

Date(s) - 12-11-2017

Detroit School of Burlesque
483 W Marshall St
Ferndale, MI

Tribal belly dance skirt work is influenced by dances from around the world including flamenco, Romani, and Afro-Cuban. We utilize the strength, power, fluidity, flirtation, and sensuality in these movements to add to the feeling we intend to convey in our dance. This course will be an overview of basic skirt work in belly dance as well as experiment with some strong, sassy combinations to add spice to your dance. Basic posture and weight placement will be discussed to ensure you’ll be stable and comfortable while we make the skirts fly! Full session is recommended, however drop-ins should be able to pick up quickly.
No dance experience necessary. All levels welcome. Variations can be made for more experienced dancers and those with health considerations. Wear comfortable clothing that will not restrict your movement. Belly dance is generally practiced and performed barefoot, however soft-soled dance shoes are acceptable. Bring a water bottle, notebook, and a positive attitude.

Instructor: Barb

Refund requests can only be processed if the request is made atleast 24 hours prior to event and will be given in the form of a class credit.