Stage Presence with Bows w/ Magenta Demure

Holly Hock / Stage Presence with Bows w/ Magenta Demure

Stage Presence with Bows w/ Magenta Demure

Date(s) - 10-10-2017

Detroit School of Burlesque
483 W Marshall St
Ferndale, MI

Your song selection is on point. Your costume is perfectly embellished. You worked hours perfecting your choreography and blocking. However, none of these things matter if you do not possess stage presence.

Stage presence is the one non-tangible thing that is a as much of a staple in your piece as the costume you got a hand cramp making. Without it, your art will fall flat and you will not leave an impression on your audience. With it, you will not only own the room and how the people feel in it but you will get the best high of your life knowing that you have the power to make that happen.

Being able to create, a sense of satisfaction, and celebrating all aspects of our personalities are why we all were drawn to being onstage. When you conquer your stage frights it leaves nothing but unlimited possibilities of how much of an incredible experience you can have onstage (that is still legal in the state of Michigan, of course).

This course goes from beginning to intermediate levels of exercises that hone in on your stage confidence mentally, physically, and emotionally based on your personal needs as a performer.

Please bring:

-Notebook and Pen

-Wear comfortable clothes but bring something that makes you feel confident ( ex. lipstick shade, wearing your hair a certain way)

Space is limited so reserve your spot today! Refund requests can only be made atleast 24 hours in advance and will given in the form of a class credit.