Silk Veil Manipulation Level 1 w/ Gaea Lady

Holly Hock / Silk Veil Manipulation Level 1 w/ Gaea Lady

Silk Veil Manipulation Level 1 w/ Gaea Lady

Date(s) - 08-18-2019

Detroit School of Burlesque
483 W Marshall St
Ferndale, MI

Silk Veil Manipulation Level 1 with Gaea Lady

90 minutes

Silk ripples like water & flows like air.  It is strong, supple, sensual, and steeped in history, stories, process, and myth.  Combined with light and movement, silk invokes dramatic magic for the human senses.

Join Gaea Lady in this exploration of movement with silk : learn specific patterns, philosophies, and techniques to integrate dancer with fabric. We explore dynamic whips, dreamy floats, infinite recursive spins, weaves, drapes, wraps, and improvisation to ignite the senses and unique creativity within.   Students will dance with unweighted veils, flags, & weighted veils – learning the basics of Gaea’s specialty veil.

Students should bring a silk or light fabric veil, at least 6 feet long, and/or bring large fabric costume pieces for improvisation in class.  Gaea will have a limited amount of veils available for sale & borrow.
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