Rock Lorde Launch at PIIP Gallery

Holly Hock / Rock Lorde Launch at PIIP Gallery

Rock Lorde Launch at PIIP Gallery

Date(s) - 02-13-2013

Presence II Productions Gallery
1274 Library St
Detroit, MI

Romance With Rock And Roll With Royalty

rock lorde launchMeridith Lorde and Kelly Vitolo present the launch of Rock Lorde at the Presence II Productions Gallery of Decorative Arts and Design.

Rock Lorde incorporates rock n’ roll found objects into fashion design, accessory design, and art.

The gallery show will feature actual items from the Romantics, Ringo Starr, and more!


This adventure began when two fabulous women whose arms are wrapped around the rock music world discovered an opportunity to create a powerful collaboration. An organic twist of fate and friendship drove the development of a collection of wearable and decorative arts, appropriately named and knighted, ROCK LORDE.

Meridith Lorde, artist by day, rock entertainer by night is a member of the Dizzy Dames as well as The Motor City Rah-Rah’s. An accomplished creative, she recently showcased her passion for fashion at Michigan F.A.S.H. Fest as a featured Designer, with her collection of couture bustiers and ball gowns of melted vinyl records.

Kelly Vitolo made a name for herself in the 25 years she spent as a fashion model. Gaining extensive knowledge working with top designers, she became an accomplished jewelry designer, returning to one of the crafts that brings her peace. Each unique piece reflects her life’s travels, being coveted around the world for their innovative use of nature’s finest materials with unusual breathtaking color. After marrying a Detroit based musician in 2009, her jewelry design explored a new direction.

Together, Meridith and Kelly meshed their styles, striking designs and talents which blend seamlessly. Their story continued with unparalleled support from renown rockers including Wally Palmar, Brad Elvis and Rich Cole of The Romantics, Skid Marx of the Seatbelts and Flirt, Andy Babiuk of The Chesterfield Kings, Rick Derringer, Clem Burke of Blondie, Elliot Easton of The Cars and a slew of others. They were thrilled to be betrothed treasures of guitar strings, picks, amp plugs and more! Kelly and Meridith say they “Never dreamed this would happen!” The wish is that you will enjoy wearing them almost as much as they enjoyed creating them.  You never know which musicians “PARTS” you will be touring, but rest assured, you will most likely know them!