Open Figure Drawing at the Phoenix Cafe

Holly Hock / Open Figure Drawing at the Phoenix Cafe

Open Figure Drawing at the Phoenix Cafe

Open Figure Drawing Phoenix Cafe "See What Stacey Started"
Date(s) - 10-08-2013

Phoenix Cafe
24918 John R Rd
Hazel Park, MI



Miss Holly Hock will again be the featured model at “See What Stacey Started” Open Figure Drawing at the Phoenix Cafe!

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Open Figure Drawing Phoenix Cafe "See What Stacey Started"This is an informal drawing session with a live model (clothed, typically bikini.) Anyone is welcome to attend, as long as you are there to create art. Any medium is welcome, as long as you can clean up after (no photography, just doesn’t fit the setting here.) If you are interested, please get in touch with Brian Lewandowski or Steven Gamburd and let us know you are coming.

there are no drawing boards or drawing tables at the Phoenix ( we’re working on that,) but we can use the cafe tables and chairs. again, this is very informal, just something we have been tossing around and something fun for anyone interested in drawing from a live model. as long as there is continued interest, we will be doing this on a weekly basis. there is a $5.00 fee for the model and for Phoenix fees.

we will have the usual coffee and soda available for donation (no outside drinks or alcohol, please.) let me know if you have any questions. we hope to see you there.

I decided to give our little drawing sessions a name, since, well, it needed one. This name means a lot to me and I hope that it sticks with everyone who join our sessions. Long story short, Stacey Skiera was one of my best friends at CMU and the entire reason I started doing figure drawing. She dragged me to one of the weekly open figure drawing sessions that the art department had at the time, and I instantly fell in love with it.

Unfortunately, Stacey passed away several years ago and I never got the chance to really tell her how much it meant to me that she dragged me to that first open figure drawing session. This is my way of showing the world the effect she had on me. It is also appropriate that she is now indirectly influencing everyone who comes to OUR sessions. So come draw with us and “See What Stacey Started!”