LOVE & LUST: Presented by Creme de les Femmes

Holly Hock / LOVE & LUST: Presented by Creme de les Femmes

LOVE & LUST: Presented by Creme de les Femmes

Date(s) - 02-22-2013

Indy's Jukebox
306 Prospect St
Indianapolis, IN


Creme de les Femmes presents a special double feature on 2/22: Love & Lust!

Love & Lust Features special guest Vivian MirAnn, founder, producer, and executive director of Gilded Cage Burlesk & Varieté in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

Doors at 8 pm
$10 cover
See the first show, and stay for the second for free!
These two shows are entirely different–no repeated routines!

Creme de les Femmes Burlesque Show: Love and Lust

Love & Lust


9:00 pm
Hosted by Hard Mona and Barbacoa Jones
The lovely ladies and gentlemen of Creme de les Femmes show you the lighter side of love! This show will be sweet, sexy, and funny.


11:00 pm
Hosted by CKM
The second show gets a little darker and little more risque… You’ll see the sassy and sultry side of love!

DJ MICROMACHINE will keep the energy going all night long! This lovely lady is an extraordinary DJ with vast experience in spinning all genres of music. She is always one step ahead and magically always has more than enough music to fit the theme of the evening.