Improv: How To F**k Up Like A Pro w/ Magenta Demure

Holly Hock / Improv: How To F**k Up Like A Pro w/ Magenta Demure

Improv: How To F**k Up Like A Pro w/ Magenta Demure

Date(s) - 10-17-2017

Detroit School of Burlesque
483 W Marshall St
Ferndale, MI

Improv. The very word can make you vomit in your mouth. If you are one among the intimidated masses terrified of “The BIG I”, this class is for you.

Taught by Magenta DeMure, 7 year burlesque veteran with 20+ years of theater experience, and winner of Master of Improv Michigan Burlypicks 2015, Improvisation: How To F**k Up Like A Pro will help you build confidence onstage, more specifically when you have those moments where you are a deer in headlights. Those times when it seems like every stage hiccup that could happen does (and it does to everyone at any time), and the all the heat in the world is shining down on you in that painfully awkward 30 second gap that you need to fill and fill NOW. You gone done f***ed up, son! Once you learn the skill of improvisation, you will be anxiously awaiting your next opportunity to F**k Up… Like A Pro.

In this class you will be utilizing some of Magenta’s favorite exercises and games for both movement and spoken improv, resulting in a better poker face when those damned oopsie-daisy moments do occur.

-Notebook an Pen
-Comfy Clothes Encouraged

Space is limited so reserve your spot today! Refund requests can only be made atleast 24 hours in advance and will given in the form of a class credit.