Down the Rabbit Hole Burlesque

Holly Hock / Down the Rabbit Hole Burlesque

Down the Rabbit Hole Burlesque

Date(s) - 04-27-2013

Merou Grotto
1860 N River Rd.
West Lafayette, IN


Standing outside the Merou Grotto one Saturday eve, you suddenly hear “I’m late for a very important date!”. Out of the corner of your eye, you see the White Rabbit. Immediately, you begin following it inside the building. Upon entering, you find the entrance to Down the Rabbit Hole.

Join some of Indiana’s leading burlesque performers on an avant garde burlesque adventure exploring Lewis Carroll’s famous tale. Every aspect of the Merou Grotto will be transformed in to the dreamscape world of Wonderland. Even the guests are encouraged to dress the part–be your own Queen or Mad Hatter!

down the rabbit hole burlesque show indianapolis

At this event, Maella Cai Vane will be holding ‘Exposure’, a pre-show art gallery featuring artists from around the Midwest. Enjoy photography, paintings, and other various artistic pieces on display at the Merou Grotto. Some pieces will be available for purchase.

Interested in displaying your artwork? Contact us:

Models will start the night off with Rurban’s latest designs.

$10 (18+) **We accept Cash or Credit/Debit card** Doors at 8pm, show at 9pm.

Featured Down the Rabbit Hole Performers:

  • Maella Cai Vane
  • Kitty Von Klawson
  • Dolly Dimple (Angel Burlesque)
  • Tea (Bloomington Burlesque Brigade)
  • Souxie Snapdragon (Bottoms Up Burlesque)
  • Vanessa Vavoom (Bottoms Up Burlesque)
  • Holly Hock (Creme de les Femmes)
  • MaMarie LaVeaux (Creme de les Femmes)
  • Barbacoa Jones (Creme de les Femmes)
  • Jezebel Sinfell (Creme de les Femmes)
  • Poppi Rocketts (Creme de les Femmes)
  • Darling Dollie (Creme de les Femmes)
  • Adelaide Amoore
  • Tom Foolhery
  • Siobhan O’Bionu