Dirty Show 14

Holly Hock / Dirty Show 14

Dirty Show 14

Date(s) - 02-08-2013 to 02-16-2013

Bert's Warehouse Theater
2739 Russell Street
Detroit, MI


Dirty Show 14 2013What can be said about the Dirty Show 14?

The Dirty Show started in the year 2000 with only 40 artists. It now hosts uncountable artist and has international recognition as the world’s largest erotic art show & exhibition. The art spans from the erotic to the absurd to the down-right dirty (haha), but punctuated by guests who truly come as they are – or whom they really are underneath their day-to-day facade.

As Hip in Detroit put it:
The doors officially open for the 14th annual Dirty Show in Detroit. This exhibition features erotic art from local artists, along with artists from around the world. And by art, we mean every sense of the word art; performance, dancing, painting, drawing… you name it, it’s part of this show. Well as long as it’s a little dirty it is. I’m pretty sure your niece’s finger painting won’t be on display here. Well, let’s hope not at least.

Dirty Show 14 performances include cabaret, music, dance, vaudeville comedy, and burlesque, of course.

“This year, we have Roxi Dlite coming back,” Dirty Show Founder Jerry Vile says. “She was Miss Exotic World a couple of years ago, which means that you’re the best burlesque dancer in the world. She can mesmerize an entire audience. During her spot, pretty much everyone there is transfixed on her. We have the Stage Door Johnnies, which are male burlesque from Chicago. These guys are so hypnotic on stage. If burlesque is truly an art, these guys are at the top of it. They move unlike anybody I’ve ever seen on stage. I can’t take my eyes off them.”