DAMNED VI – An Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness

Holly Hock / DAMNED VI – An Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness

DAMNED VI – An Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness

Damned VI 6 Detroit Art Show
Date(s) - 10-24-2013 to 10-26-2013

Tangent Gallery
715 E Milwaukee St
Detroit, MI


$20 General Admission

Damned Show Detroit VI

Miss Holly Hock will have art at this years’ Damned Show Detroit VI exhibition!

Damned VI 6 Detroit Art Show Within the word “damned”, it is easy to envision devils, Hades and hellfire. However, damnation may also reflect the eternal condemnation of self and the subtle abuse of one’s mind against itself. It may reflect the emotional trappings within the haunting ghosts of the past. Perhaps the immeasurable tendrils that bind us to our deepest longings or deprivations.

Damned Show Detroit VI is an exhibition of those extraordinary artists who know that without darkness, there is no light, that beauty does reside within the repulsive and enlightenment within our darkest hours. This art may be the one true reflection of self that make us balanced within our personal damnations…or possibly it is an expressive visual therapy…or simply a sign that there is something inexplicably damaged inside without comparison.

Damned Show Detroit VI is not Halloween-themed art but an immersion within the immeasurable realms of consciousness through an elegant ambiance of live strings and cirque/butoh-inspired performances.




There are 3 nights of DAMNED VI, each with its own distinct theme for the ambiance and performances that surround the exhibition:

10/24 “The Darkness” – A night of introspective exploration within the shadowed and primal essence of self. This opening night features an intimate VIP Preview/Artist Reception, a formal absinthe tasting, an on-site chef preparing hot hors d’œuvres and special performances.

10/25 “The Enlightenment” – A night of the extrospective self enlightened through light, fire and the ethereal. This gala night features a VIP sampling of internationally-inspired tapas with with paired libations and exotic fire performances.

10/26 “The Masquerade” – A festive celebration through a menagerie of exotic cirque, sensual rhythms and masquerade. This closing night features the formal mask-mandatory Masquerade Ball, an elegant seated 6-course aphrodisiac-inspired dinner, intriguing dance performance interludes, the dreamworld aural ambiance of Sugar Hiccup and a menagerie of cirque performances all night.

All nights feature vignette performances every 30 minutes, the sensually lush VIP Mezzanine with private bar and live televised performance simulcasts all night, the gallery store to purchase a diversity of art and merchandise, our lovely Devil Girl hostesses and, of course, the art. Please visit the “tickets” and “performances” sections on our main website for further details regarding each night.

TICKETS ARE NOW ONLINE AT: http://damned6.eventbrite.com/
(Early Devils huge discounts before October 1st)

DAMNED VI – An Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness
and Formal Masquerade Ball

October 24/25/26 2013 – 7p until 2am – 18+

Tangent Gallery / Hastings St Ballroom
715 Milwaukee St E, Detroit, MI 48202


SPECIAL GIVEAWAY: On all three nights of DAMNED show Detroit, our wonderful Devil Girls will be selling raffle tickets to win a very special prize: The Detroit Deconstruction Skull Ring© created by Atelier Gothique. This ring, retailing at $980 US, is finely crafted in AG’s custom surgical stainless steel alloy with the color of your choice of custom blended, three dimensionally bonded, reinforced ceramic inlay. All proceeds from the ticket sales will go to our favorite local charity Burners Without Borders, whose sole mission is to help feed and clothe those in need on our city streets.