Body Harness & Cage Panty 101

Holly Hock / Body Harness & Cage Panty 101

Body Harness & Cage Panty 101

Date(s) - 12-09-2017

Detroit School of Burlesque
483 W Marshall St
Ferndale, MI

In these classes we will teach you how to make those fashionable harness and cage panty pieces for stage and everyday wear. We will cover how to make a basic elastic harness and discuss different types of closures and embellishments. Take one class or take both and save! 

Cage Panty 1pm-3pm

Supplies needed:
Roughly 3 yards of double fold elastic
A 12×12 piece of material used for the front panel of panties
Thread to match
Marking chalk
Cloth measuring tape 
Sewing Machine or can be Hand Stitched
Instructor: Jeannine

Body Harness 3pm-5pm

Supplies needed:
Elastic in preferred width I personally use ½ inch up to one inch
(I buy the white because it can be dyed to match anything but you can also use black)

O rings –  the ones that are designed for purses and bags

A sewing machine 

A hook and eye

Thread to match your elastic

Tailor’s chalk or marking pen

Dress form (if you dont have one contact us ahead of time and we will try to arrange one for you to use)
Instructor: Tiffany