Beginner Burlesque Feather Fan Dancing 101

Holly Hock / Beginner Burlesque Feather Fan Dancing 101

Beginner Burlesque Feather Fan Dancing 101

Date(s) - 09-30-2018

Detroit School of Burlesque
483 W Marshall St
Ferndale, MI

Learn the art of the classic burlesque feather fan dance!

Feather fans can be a gorgeous, glamourous addition to your burlesque act but only if you know how to properly use them. Learn fan dancing poise and pose, some fan movements the crowd will go wild over and how to incorporate your fans into your burlesque routine.

Please bring your own pair of full size feather fans, hand fans will not work for this class. This workshop is limited to just 8 so reserve your spot early! 

If you have any questions about what type of fans to buy we are happy to offer suggestions and recommendations!

Instructor: Miss Holly Hock