Angel Burlesque Open Bra: Spring Scream

Holly Hock / Angel Burlesque Open Bra: Spring Scream

Angel Burlesque Open Bra: Spring Scream

Date(s) - 03-26-2012

Cracker's Comedy Club
6281 N. College Avenue
Indianapolis, IN



Angel Burlesque Open Bra Spring Scream

Angel Burlesque Open Bra Night featuring Miss Holly Hock: The Spring Scream!

Miss Holly Hock takes to the stage with a burlesque routine inspired by the classic horror film Psycho. Holly’s performance will pay homage to the film, even retaining a promotional flyer as close to the original Psycho poster as possible, while carrying that dedication to the source material to the stage!

Angel Burlesque‘s themed “Open Bra” will feature numerous burlesque performers, both newcomers and veteran burlesque performers, at Cracker’s Comedy Club. The Open Bra Night theme is simple: sign up, show up, shake your stuff! Open Bra is literally an open mic night for burlesque. Many of Angel Burlesque’s recurring events have an overall theme, tonight’s performances are unified by inspirations from the silver screen!

Come see the best horror burlesque show in Indy with Miss Holly Hock, Angel Burlesque, and Hitchcock’s Psycho!

Review of the show:

Standout performances included a sinister version of “Be Prepared” from The Lion King, performed by Jackie Max, a hilarious spoof of Carrie performed by MaMarie LeVeaux (who tied in my pick for best burlesque name along with Holly Hock) with an assist from Souxie Snapdragon and that Psycho homage I mentioned, performed by Holly Hock. Star performer award goes to Ginger Peach, the only dancer to perform twice, once in Colonel Sanders drag, complete with bucket of fried chicken and feathery pasties, and then as a sexy Jason Voorhees of Friday the Thirteenth fame. Ginger got it. She knew it doesn’t matter how much or how little you’re wearing, whether you’re in a goatee or a thong. What matters is how comfortable you feel in your own skin. And that’s a little something we all could learn from burlesque.