Burlesque Class FAQ

Q: Do I need to have previous experience or a dance background?
A: The beginner course is perfect for any skill level, wether you have never danced a day in your life or if you would simply like to brush up on your skills. It is helpful to have some basic burlesque knowledge or experience for the advanced classes but it is not necissary.

Q: Am I too young/old?
A: You do need to be 18+ to take the course, however we recommend 21+ because you have to be to legal drinking age to perform at the venue for the student showcase. We have had students as young as 21 and as old as 75!

Q: Does the class involve nudity?
A: The tassel twirling class is the only class with partial nudity (topless but with pasties) and you are welcome to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Some students wear an open front workout jacket or top, some feel more comfortable just observing fully clothed. Either is perfectly fine! Everything is tailored to your comfort level.

Q: Do you offer private classes / one on one coaching?
A: Yes, private classes and one on one coaching sessions are available by appointment.

Q: What should I wear to class?
A: Anything comfortable that you can move in. Workout clothes, yoga pants, t-shirts etc are perfect. If you need to bring anything special to the class we will let you know.

Q: When does the next class start?
A: Classes repeat every 8-10 weeks, visit our Facebook page and click “events” or visit eventbrite for the upcoming class / course list.


Q: Do I have to perform in the student showcase?
A: We hope that everyone feels confident and ready to perform in the student showcase by the end of the course but it is not mandatory. If you would like to stage kitten, help with stage managing or work behind the scenes that’s fine too!

Q: I am really interested in taking the classes but I am shy and nervous. What should I expect?
A: Many of the students who take the classes have little to no experience and feel the same way! Don’t let that hold you back. We keep class sizes on the smaller side so that we can make sure you feel comfortable and understand what is being covered in each class. We pride ourselves on a very open, body positive environment and we will always answer any questions you may have. So many of our students come in nervous but within the first couple of classes they realize how fun and laid back it is. Friendships are formed and you find that it’s not scary at all!

Q: How do I register for classes?
A: Visit misshollyhock.com/classes or https://www.facebook.com/pg/detroitburlyschool/events to find ticket links for upcoming classes. Occasionally drop-in classes are available but classes often sell out so we recommend registering early!